about the pastor

Pastor Martyn Sullivan has been the senior leader at St Luke's since 1992

Martyn is a graduate of Mattersey Hall where both he and his wife Sue studied theology. Martyn has been married to his wife Sue for over 30yrs. As a couple they have a passion to see people experience the same faith that transformed their lives and to see the church working in the very heart of the community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a church in the heart of the community that loves God, loves people and loves life.

Its our vision to build a church that is numerically significant and spiritually strong. A church that speaks with one voice and has a passion to create a change wherever it represents God.

A church where people can find a home to grow and find a place where they can serve God and His purposes ...

Its our passion to build a church that supports the people of our community, to provide facilities where they can meet together to build strong social links and develop important relationships.

About St Luke's Church

  • Who we are ..

    St Luke's is a family of believers, a group of people from many different age groups and backgrounds who meet together in order to worship God and encourage one another. We want people to know and experience the same Christian faith that has made such a difference in our lives and the lives of millions of people around the world.

    Our passion is to inspire people to get to know God for themselves and to live powerfully for Him. We also seek to inspire others to "love their neighbour" and to do one another "good"

  • What we do ...

    As a church we do more than gather together to worship God. We also believe that the church should be working and serving in the very heart of the local community.

    We seek to serve our villages through our community centre, nursery, preschool, community cafe and youth work, through our community care network and through our shop. As a church we want to stand out, we want to be a force for good, we want to be a blessing to our local community.

  • So what do we believe ...

    Simply put we believe what the Bible teaches. We believe that we should live our lives according to the principles it teaches like loving our neighbour, or telling the truth rather than telling lies.

    We believe that as people we should be kind and caring. We believe that we should obey the law and pray for our government. These are just some of the principles that the Bible teaches.We believe we should live our lives in such a way that it pleases God.

  • What Kind Of Church Are We?

    People often ask us what "kind" of church we are? The best way we can answer that is to say we are an evangelical church with pentecostal roots, we are a bit like the Methodists but more expressive in the way that we worship God. We also believe that God gives each individual different gifts and abilities that are meant for use in building the church.

    The evangelical/pentecostal movement is the fastest growing group of churches in the world today numbering millions ...