Getting married at St Luke's

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If you are planning to get married and are considering using St Luke's Church as the venue for your special day, then here are a few guidelines to help you.

What is the first step?
Usually a couple wishing to get married should approach the Senior Minister of St Luke's Church who will help you in your preparation.

What if we are from two different denominations?

Many marriages include people from different Christian denominations. Where two people from different church traditions marry, it is not un-common for ministers from both churches to take part in the ceremony. If this is the case then you will need to discuss this with St Luke's

One of us is Divorced

The rules and laws relating to divorce and re-marriage are not made by the church but by the State, however St Luke's will marry people who have been divorced under certain conditions. We understand that every situation is different and we consider each request for instance where a person has been subject to unfaithfulness by their previous spouse or where the previous spouse has broken the marriage covenant.

St Luke's Church does not argue that the grounds for divorce should be changed from the present ones but we would certainly encourage a couple going through difficulties in their relationship to seek advice, counselling and support to see if they can rebuild it.

Marriage and Membership

People wanting to marry in church don't have to be members of the church, but we will ask them why they wish to marry in church and expect them to attend the church for a period of at leat 6 weeks prior to their wedding service. A church marriage is a solemn Christian ceremony, with prayers and Bible readings reflecting Christian understandings of what marriage is about.

Whilst people wishing to marry in St Luke's do not need to be church members, we will look for a genuine desire on the part of a couple to take their marriage seriously along the lines set out in the service. Discussing what this means in practice will be part of the marriage preparation